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AH Education Systems

Education Systems Coaching Program

Our Education Systems Coaching program is designed for everyone from youth, to graduate and postdoctoral students, to educators and administrators—with the goal of helping you set yourself and/or your student(s) up for success early, design your future, generate empowering educational beliefs, and realize your dream learning environment.
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Whether you’re looking to develop the kind of study skills that will transform your life and secure your future, seeking strategies for teaching a classroom full of diverse learning styles, in need of a game plan for how to take the lead of a large educational setting, or simply want help nurturing the ideal study/life or work/life balance for you, our Alpha Lifework Method ® was designed with you in mind.

Through our Education Systems Coaching program, we offer one-on-one and parent/child coaching, as well as workshops, webinars, group sessions, talks, and more.

This three-tiered program is designed to speak to a wide variety of learning styles and leadership positions, including: 

  • AH Budding Lifework: for students grades 7-12
  • AH Design Your Future Lifework: for graduate and postdoctoral students
  • AH Empowerment Lifework: for educators, faculty, and administrators
  • Does your student or school need support that you don’t see here? Let us know! We will happily customize any of our programming—and the Alpha Lifework Method—for you. 

What Can We Work On? 

  • Bolstering student success—including academic, extracurricular, and social skills
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs that impact a student’s ability to learn
  • Resolving conflict and eradicating bullying
  • Enhancing education outside the traditional learning environment
  • Youth time management and self-care habits
  • Establishing an action plan for life beyond the classroom
  • Leadership skills for your unique learning environment
  • Addressing dynamic learning styles and diverse student populations
  • Successful communication with diverse parent populations
  • Integrity, accountability, and transparency, both in and out of the classroom
  • Problem solving skills specific to education systems
  • Fostering community within your student population
  • Improved work/life balance for educators
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Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.