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About Alpha Hearts


Krupa B


I am Experienced,Intuitive & Compassionate 

Alpha Hearts is a comprehensive, multi-passionate Ancient Sciences company. The events in your life and the people you meet are not an accident. Discover their hidden purpose and meaning so you can make the best decisions to move forward. Discover how the Alpha Lifework Method can transform your life, relationships, business, career, and health through our bold Western twist on traditional Eastern practices. At Alpha Hearts I am  committed to guiding my clients towards greater happiness, joy, success, clarity, abundance, love, energy, peace-of-mind, and so much more. Let’s start you on the path towards living your most legendary life! 

  What is Alpha Hearts & Why am I doing this? 

Alpha Hearts is about supporting everyday men and women on their journey to realizing, nurturing, and celebrating their authentic selves. Whether you need support in work, finances, relationships, or other aspects of your life, I’m here to help you discover your talents; align your mind, body, and soul; achieve flow; and live your best—most legendary—life. 

The Alpha Lifework Method is designed to bring the most powerful teachings of the ancient, Eastern world and apply them to modern, Western life. At Alpha Hearts, we believe that by losing ancient practices of integrative healing, we begin to lose elements of our most essential humanity—becoming stressed out, physically and mentally unwell, and out of balance in our work and our lives. The Alpha Lifework Method combines psychoanalysis; mantra and meditation; NLP, NET, and CBT; Tarot reading, and Chakra balancing through a blend of Ayurvedic medicine and Numerology. Through the Alpha Lifework Method, you will begin to achieve balance, enjoy overall health and wellness, discern a clear path for living your purpose, and discover increased unity in all areas of your life. By bringing ancient methodologies to your modern life, you’ll discover ways of living that serve your highest and most authentic humanity. Are you ready to start living your most legendary life?


I am Krupa B, Exectutive & Life Coach, 

Numerologist and Intuitive Reader

Like many of us, I spent many years struggling with confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. I often fought with myself: about following a traditional path, living a life that mirrored that of my peers, living up the expectations of others, having a “normal” job and a “normal” life. But guess what: I finally learned that being normal is totally overrated. Instead, life is about being who you are.

Living your most authentic, legendary life, is the journey we’re all on—learning how to follow our true passions, innate talents, and celebrate what we each naturally bring to this world. Our one duty we have in this life is to accept our truths and nurture our strengths; sharing our beautifully unique, authentic selves wherever and whenever we can! Discovering this for myself has been a long journey, but I am happier today because of it. It’s a journey that has not only taught me, but continues to teach me, many things about myself that are crucial to living my most genuine, legendary, magical life.

But like I said, it wasn’t always easy. Throughout childhood and into my early twenties, I struggled with some fairly severe self-confidence issues. I felt disconnected from others, worthless, and lost. I didn’t know how to address these problems, and so I did what many people do: existed only day-to-day, doing the best I could for myself and my family, but being intensely unhappy and misaligned from my purpose.

As a result, I filled my years with relentless achievement, believing that this would eventually bring me happiness and fulfillment, personally and professionally. On the outside, I looked like a successful person, who had her life in order. But inside, I was anything but.

It took to crisis in my life—a totally transforming, near death experience—for me to really begin my journey inward. I had to learn to truly feel comfortable with myself, and began to understand where true strength, health, and happiness come from. I began to tap into my intuitive instincts and celebrate my innate clairvoyance. Finally, I realized that I wanted to use my life in order to help others achieving alignment and discover their authentic selves as well: whether in their personal lives and relationships or through their professional and career goals.

This is what I have to offer: an open heart, unique gifts of intuition and clairvoyance, the different perspectives of eastern and western methodologies and knowledge, and a deep personal history filled with tried-and-true lessons that will help you find the answers you’re seeking and the and guidance you need. With two decades of experience in mentoring, coaching and performance management, I am also a qualified practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, Talk Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. 

Most importantly, I integrate my business knowledge and experience with my genuine personal strengths, like natural clairvoyant abilities, tarot card reading, numerology, yoga, reiki, and more, in order to obtain the fullest understanding of who you are; how you’ve arrived at this space in your life; how to guide you into a space of evolution, awareness, healing, and transformation; and to put you on the fast-track to achieve your goals in any area(s) of life!

Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life.” Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India—where I was born and raised—more than 5,000 years ago, and is considered the “Mother of all healing.” Through Ayurveda, we’ll work together to understand the essential nature of your mind and body, the imbalances you’re susceptible to, and your inherent strengths, as well as developing and implementing basic strategies for boosting those strengths while repairing those imbalances. In all of our bodies exists a “fire”, and whatever we consume goes through that system and becomes our energy. Pure food stokes that internal fire, while suboptimal food leads to bodily energy blocks that are a central cause to our physical and mental ails. This is backed up by science—studies have shown that fat cells are better at storing toxins. The food you consume and your emotional state are profoundly connected. Ayurvedic healing teaches you to listen to your body and your instincts to know what is healthy for you.

My personal and generational history originated in the South Indian Brahman tradition of Tantra—one focused on profound healing, soulful sexuality, and spiritual communion with your partner. While sexual pleasure is an important element of Tantra, it is not the only element—nor the most significant. Rather, the Brahman tradition is centered around first finding intimacy with your partner’s soul, and then developing other levels of intimacy, including, but not limited to, the erotic. Tantra is a spiritual approach to your self-awareness and development, a tradition designed to help you grow and evolve as an individual and as a partner. 

The other aspects of my teachings, and the Alpha Lifework method, include:

Chakra balancing is a beautiful technique for achieving overall physical and mental wellness. When negative energy—through the food you consume, experiences you have, or thoughts you believe—gets stuck in your body, it can create an imbalance in one or more of your “chakras”, or bodily energy centers. By balancing each chakra, through consuming different food, surrounding yourself with specific colors, listening to certain music or vibrations, utilizing exercise or essential oils, meditating, and a variety of other self-care techniques, you can release that blocked energy, allowing it to flow through and out of you and returning to a state of chakra balance. Through our Alpha Lifework Method, together we’ll discover what chakras may be blocked in your own body, and you’ll receive a customized plan for releasing that energy and returning to your optimal state.

Through mantra meditation – (known as the ancient practice of Vipassana, or “Clear Seeing”) we’ll work together to clear the mind of unhealthy and unproductive thoughts to arrive at the essence of self. The benefits of meditation are scientifically backed—through brain plasticity, the brain is capable of being rewired and restructured through mediation, resulting in quieting aimless thoughts, reducing fear and anxiety processes, increasing gray brain matter and enhancing sense perception enhanced, and improving the ability to interpret thoughts in a neutral or even positive manner. Alpha Hearts offers our clients a variety of meditation tips and techniques, in order to discover one that works best for you.

Numerology has helped millions of people gain better insight into themselves as individuals, as well as a deeper understand of the people and world around them. This practice can be a great tool for helping you best utilize your personality traits and uncover your purpose, by calculating details like your life path number. Through our Numerology practice, you’ll discover how to best utilize your personality traits and uncover your purpose, by calculating details like your life path number.

Tarot reading is a quick, insightful, and fun way to generate positive decision-making skills and action planning; gaining new perspectives, insights, and clarity on any question(s) you might be struggling with. Our inclusion of Tarot in the Alpha Lifework Method serves to give our clients a little nudge—offering guidance on any question(s) that you might have been running through your mind for days, weeks, months, or even years. Tarot jump starts action by illuminating quick and clear answers that focus on progress and forward movement rather than over-analysis of the decision making process and its possible outcomes.