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Executive Coaching

We work with individuals coming from every rung of the corporate ladder—from C-suite managers to staff members. Through our Business and Executive Coaching program, we offer workshops, webinars, group sessions, talks, day-long in house retreats, and more. 

Together, We Can Work On:

  • Effective and empowering leadership skills

  • Developing large decision making strategies

  • Improving the work/life balance

  • Releasing ego and attachment in business

  • Strategies for how to effectively manage big organizations

  • Improving communication and small team management skills 

  • Identifying energetic blocks in the workplace that are impacting your bottom line

  • Creating a vision for long-term career goals and objectives

  • Effective time management

  • Company-wide team building

  • Managing conflict in the workplace

  • Establishing and nurturing personal integrity

  • Empowering women in the workplace 

  • Redefining “success”

  • Diversity in the workplace

  • Building a culture of accountability

Does your company need support that you don’t see here? Let us know! We will happily customize any of our programming—and the Alpha Lifeworks Method—for your team.




Learn About Our Life-Work Method


Life Coaching

Individual and Couples Session

     Personal Numerological Birth Chart and  Reading to help you discover potential you were given at birth and define your strong qualities. 

Energy-informational diagnosis of your current state to find the cause of the challenges you might be experiencing with health, personal or professional life

  • Identifying energy blocks and helping you remove them (distant energy work)

  • Tools including guided meditations/visualization exercises so you can independently improve your lifescript

  • Answering questions and sharing insights to aid you on your road of self-discovery towards realizing your purpose in life

  • Intimacy and deep connections

  • Heal sexual issues- Premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction

  • Free yourself from shame and embrace their sexuality and meet and embrace their inner child

  • Heal your unmet emotional needs and release stuck emotions

  • Learn to cope with a challenging or traumatic life event.

  • Identify your essential beliefs about sex and how to manage it

  • Heal past challenges or traumas that have been triggered

  • Improve your communication with yourself and others

  • Identify and express your needs in an honest and healthy way

  • Nurture your new identity and expressing that identity authentically to others

  • Understand of your self-worth

  • Develop a healthier mindset about transition and transformation  

Upon Request Availability 

  • Personal/Business Partner compatibility birth chart reading and relationships evaluation

  • Deeper Analysis of Your personal Birth Chart as well as Numerology Family Tree to see energy dynamics within the family/lineage
  • Extended energy-informational analysis of your current energy state (including the place where you live) to find what could be holding you from realizing your full potential

  • Astro- Geo location map chart and reading to know where and when is the right place to move, find love, work, grow a family, retire and succeed 

  • Past Life regression Therapy to unlock any energy from past lives
  • Advanced  tantric work to enhance and boost your energy flow in chosen areas of life




Learn About Our Life-Work Method


Vastu/Fengshui Interior & Exterior Designs Consultations 

We create physical spaces designed to  harmonize and align you and your surrounding environment. This concept is derived from an ancient poem that talks about human life being connected and flowing with the environment around it. The ancient  practice that charts the balance of energy, or chi,or prana via scientific calculations. The goal of Nirvana Home Storeys is to invite positive energy into your space so that your life feels both energized and balanced, and it’s a relatively simple way to improve the vibes of your space. 

  • Pre & Post Construction Architechture 
  • Fengshui and Vastu Designs 
  • Home numerology
  • Optimal Energy Flow for success in all areas 


  • Commecial properties 
  • Individual homes 
  • Offices 


Alpha Hearts Store 

Books, Courses, Webinars, Workshops, Meditations and More...


Workshops can be conducted for organizations or even small groups of 15 people anywhere in the world.


Is there something you’d like to see us do? We love directly meeting the needs of our community!

To schedule Krupa B. for a workshop, retreat, or event at your business, workplace, home, school, university, place of worship, yoga studio, retreat center, town hall—or anywhere you and the people you care about gather.

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Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.