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Find Out Your Sex Type

What Does Your Life Number Say About Your Sexual Style?

You can learn a lot about the universe by observing the numerical patterns that govern it. From the stars in the sky to the spots on a leopard’s back, everything is numbers. Every person on this earth has a specific life number that guides and directs their path—But think of this direction as less a road map and more an abstract representation. Similar to your Zodiac sign, your life path number, also known as your destiny number, is determined by your birthdate and informs a lot of your habitual patterns and behaviors—And that includes between the sheets! Whether you’re committed to one relationship long-term or just looking for a good time, we designed this quiz to reveal some of the more dynamic aspects of your personality in the bedroom, including blocks to watch out for and how to give and get the most out of your time with your partner.

To get started, simply plug in your birthdate below, and we will match up your resulting Life Path Number with your corresponding bedroom personality.