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Life-Events Coaching

Coaching for Life-Events

Find your balance, improve your communication, reevaluate your priorities, and discover your new normal with my Life-Event Coaching Program.

Designed to help you get the most out of life, the goal of Alpha Heart’s Life-Event Coaching is to guide your and/or others in your life through a period of transition and transformation. Life events, both positive and negative (like the birth or a child or the loss of a job) can throw everything in your life out of balance—making it hard to communicate with others; causing basic daily tasks to become daunting; filling you with a sense of sadness, dread, or isolation; or forcing you to question your true desires and identity. (Yes, EVEN positive life events!) Transitions can trigger past traumas and send your relationships into conflict—making you feel misunderstood and alone. My FIT Method will assist you in working through traumatic or challenging life events, finding a new—even better!—sense of balance, and expressing your new needs, wants, and authentic identity.  Through coaching, you’ll learn how to nurture self-confidence and security, release any judgement your holding for yourself or others, develop clear visions for the future of your life, and heal any wounds that might be blocking your personal and/or interpersonal growth.

Are you going through a life event and feel you need support and help? Maybe you feel as though many people around you have gone through the same thing, but you feel that your experience is different and you need a new perspective? No matter what you’re dealing with, coaching can be the first step to living your most legendary life.

This Life Event Coaching Program includes 6 one-hour-long personalized phone coaching sessions, regular e-mail correspondence, and requires a 3-6-month commitment. 

What Will I Work On?

  • Coping with a challenging or traumatic life event, like job loss, the birth of a child, or the death of a parent
  • Identifying your essential beliefs about change and how you manage it
  • Healing past challenges or traumas that have been triggered by a life event
  • Improving your communication with yourself and others
  • Identifying and expressing your needs in an honest and healthy way
  • Nurturing your new identity and expressing that identity authentically to others
  • Understanding of your self-worth
  • Developing a healthier mindset about transition and transformation
  • Forming a clear vision of your future goals and desires
  • Articulating tangible steps for mapping out your future
  • Finding your new normal and flow, in order to feel in control of your life—even when major change manifests itself

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Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.