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Individual and Couples 

“Sex is not the criteria for intimacy in a relationship but an indicator of the health of your relationship.” — Krupa B

Sexual wellbeing is the first indication for something great or wrong with your own emotional and psychological health. I am here to coach you through it, help you develop an action plan for your life, and celebrate with you as you land on your feet again. Together, through our Alpha Lifework Method ®, we’ll work to unravel your past and understand your present, in order to establish a clear path forward for your future. 

Your Sex and Love Life Can be The Most Fulfilling, Sacred and Enriching Part of Your Life. You Can Have All The Pleasure, The Mind-Blowing Sex, All The Romance and All The Intimacy You Want.

Tantra honors sexual energy as sacred. Sexual energy is very powerful and potent. In a Tantric healing session, sexual energy is awakened to heal the whole body. 


  • Unleash your sexual potential  with the ancient secrets of tantra, Ayurveda & Numerology  
  • Want to attract the right partner for you and experience SACRED SEXUALITY with him or her
  • HEAL your SEXUAL TRAUMA from your past so that you can be free and truly enjoy intimacy and deep connections
  • heal sexual issues- Premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction
  • free yourself from shame and embrace their sexuality and meet and embrace their inner child
  • heal your unmet emotional needs and release stuck emotions
  • Learn to cope with a challenging or traumatic life event.
  • Identify your essential beliefs about sex and how to manage it
  • Heal past challenges or traumas that have been triggered
  • Improve your communication with yourself and others
  • Identify and express your needs in an honest and healthy way
  • Nurture your new identity and expressing that identity authentically to others
  • Understand of your self-worth
  • Develop a healthier mindset about transition and transformation     

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Whatever your Visions, Hopes and Dreams are, I am here to help you see it!