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AH Lifework Method ®



Holistic, Integrative, Unifying.

Our Alpha Hearts Lifework Method ® was developed through a blend of Ayurvedic medicine, chakra balancing, mantra and meditation, Vastu(Fengshui), Numerology, and Tarot. Our integrative services (utilized in each of Alpha Hearts’ coaching programs) take key ancient practices of the East and offer easy and accessible ways to apply these practices to modern, Western life.




Internal & External Integrative Healing is a great tool for anyone seeking guidance and clarity, balance and stress reduction, mental and physical wellness, or who has a desire to understand more about their nature and the essence of who they really are. 

Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life.” Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India—where I was born and raised—more than 5,000 years ago, and is considered the “Mother of all healing.” Through Ayurveda, we’ll work together to understand the essential nature of your mind and body, the imbalances you’re susceptible to, and your inherent strengths, as well as developing and implementing basic strategies for boosting those strengths while repairing those imbalances. In all of our bodies exists a “fire”, and whatever we consume goes through that system and becomes our energy. Pure food stokes that internal fire, while suboptimal food leads to bodily energy blocks that are a central cause to our physical and mental ails. This is backed up by science—studies have shown that fat cells are better at storing toxins. The food you consume and your emotional state are profoundly connected. Ayurvedic healing teaches you to listen to your body and your instincts to know what is healthy for you.

Chakra balancing is a beautiful technique for achieving overall physical and mental wellness. When negative energy—through the food you consume, experiences you have, or thoughts you believe—gets stuck in your body, it can create an imbalance in one or more of your “chakras”, or bodily energy centers. By balancing each chakra, through consuming different food, surrounding yourself with specific colors, listening to certain music or vibrations, utilizing exercise or essential oils, meditating, and a variety of other self-care techniques, you can release that blocked energy, allowing it to flow through and out of you and returning to a state of chakra balance. Through our Alpha Lifework Method ®, together we’ll discover what chakras may be blocked in your own body, and you’ll receive a customized plan for releasing that energy and returning to your optimal state. 

Through mantra meditation – (known as the ancient practice of Vipassana, or “Clear Seeing”) we’ll work together to clear the mind of unhealthy and unproductive thoughts to arrive at the essence of self. The benefits of meditation are scientifically backed—through brain plasticity, the brain is capable of being rewired and restructured through mediation, resulting in quieting aimless thoughts, reducing fear and anxiety processes, increasing gray brain matter and enhancing sense perception enhanced, and improving the ability to interpret thoughts in a neutral or even positive manner. Alpha Hearts offers our clients a variety of meditation tips and techniques, in order to discover one that works best for you.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian "science of architecture" and acts as a guideline to designing your home in the way that enhances positive energy.For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. According to a number of traditional beliefs, each home comes with its own energy type. A person dwelling in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field, which in turn influences him in one way or the other. Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the link between the healing art of Vastu and our homes in honing positivity and good vibes. Keeping in mind the ‘ready-to-move-in’ houses (where architectural changes are not possible), Vastu expert Krupa B, enlists ways you can bring balance to your home through "Nirvana Home Storeys"(a part of Alphahearts LLC).

Numerology has helped millions of people gain better insight into themselves as individuals, as well as a deeper understand of the people and world around them. This practice can be a great tool for helping you best utilize your personality traits and uncover your purpose, by calculating details like your life path number. Through our Numerology practice, you’ll discover how to best utilize your personality traits and uncover your purpose, by calculating details like your life path number.

Tarot reading is a quick, insightful, and fun way to generate positive decision-making skills and action planning; gaining new perspectives, insights, and clarity on any question(s) you might be struggling with. Our inclusion of Tarot in the Alpha Lifework Method ® serves to give our clients a little nudge—offering guidance on any question(s) that you might have been running through your mind for days, weeks, months, or even years. Tarot jump starts action by illuminating quick and clear answers that focus on progress and forward movement rather than over-analysis of the decision making process and its possible outcomes.


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