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Spirituality And Soulfulness: The Similarities And Differences

Diving deep into relationship conversations.

By Krupa Balasubramanya - July 16, 2019

Spirituality And Soulfulness: The Similarities And Differences
What is spirituality? What is soulfulness? And furthermore, what are the similarities and differences between the two?
I want to touch on both spirituality and soulfulness, in part because religion has become such a fraught topic in our world today—and honestly, maybe it always has been. There are different religions all over the world, that have emerged and evolved across time. Many people have a religion that they identify with, or that resonates with them—one that they find to be in line with their personal principles, and the things their soul believes in. Others subscribe to a religious affiliation even though there might be some (or many) aspect of that religion that don’t always speak to their soul. Some people follow no religion at all—but still consider themselves spiritual.
Spirituality itself is not a religion—but rather, I consider it a combination of all religions. That is to say: spirituality, at its core, works for the higher good of all people. Spirituality has no limitations, no boundaries, no rules for how to become “good” or how “good” you can be. Spirituality embraces no dogma, but rather abides by the belief that kindness and generosity are key forces to bringing your own soul’s unique purpose forward in your life. Spirituality invites you as you are, your truest self—someone who is working to follow their soul’s guidance, their intuition, and abide by their loving perception of the world. Spirituality does not judge.
Soulfulness has no room for judgment either. Your soulfulness is the culmination of your life’s lessons, your experiences, your influences, and your own individual decisions that form the unique person who you are—your one-of-a-kind essence and gifts.
Spirituality and soulfulness overlap in that they each hold space for all and reject none—no matter what different religions might dictate. Both celebrate the act of bringing your strengths to the world, honoring your journey, and sharing your light. They celebrate the ways you can offer your own, unique services to the world and to the higher purpose of the wellbeing of humanity.
I share my thoughts on spirituality and soulfulness, because these are the values that Alpha Hearts embodies as well—showing up for yourself, being your true self, and making decisions that are in line with your journey towards your most legendary life. Alpha Hearts is about boldness, courage, and radically tuning into what your soul is telling you. Be soulful. Be spiritual. Life your truest, fullest, most legendary life.
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