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Home Numerology: How Your Address Impacts Your Happiness

By Krupa Balasubramanya - April 20, 2022

If you’ve been a reader of the Alpha Hearts’ blog for awhile now, you’re probably pretty familiar with the idea that your life path number (aka: your numerology) can have far-reaching and lifelong influences on who you are, how you live, and in which direction your destiny unfolds. But did you know that your address can impact your life too? Everything from your mental health to your relationships to your career can be influenced by the energy carried by those little numbers nailed to your mailbox.
It’s called Home Numerology, and if you’re in the process of renting or buying a new home, you’ll definitely want to tune into this concept. Want to learn more? Keep reading, friend.
If home is where the heart is, then it’s pretty safe to assume that your home serves as the basis for everything else you do in your life: if your home is a happy one, chances are you’re pretty content in your life overall. If your home is cluttered, dark, or run-down, that energy probably bleeds over into other areas of your life as well, like your job or your physical wellbeing. Home Numerology—or the practice of energetically assessing your home, based on your address—is just one more way to understand how where you live is the key to your happiness. 
Since each number holds a vibration, the numbers on the side of your house, on your mailbox, or painted along your curb set the vibrational tone of the space you live in: and each number’s vibration will work differently with the other numbers it’s positioned alongside. When you’re deciding on a place to live, it’s important to make sure the vibration of your address is compatible to you , the other people who may live in the home with you, and your individual and shared goals for your time there. 
For example, if you live at 1702 Chestnut Street, your Home Numerology is: 
1+7+0+2 = 10
1+0 = 1
A 1 home is great for single people who want to stay that way, or anyone who has individual or leadership goals they want to achieve. A 1 home promotes independence, ambition, and drive. It’s best for single people or couples/housemates who want to maintain their individuality and autonomy within their relationship. It can be a challenge for couples who desire a deeper connection to live in a 1 home for any length of time, because the energy of independence abounds. It can also be a no-go for singles who are looking for a relationship. 
But that’s just one example—each number holds a different vibration, supporting different energies and paths, while directing away others. Here’s a little taste: 
A 2 home, for example, is ideal for anyone who loves being in partnership, and wants to live in a inviting and familial atmosphere. 
A 3 home offers a cheerful, upbeat and vibrant energy, filled with creativity and outside-the-box thinking. It can be a little scattered and disorganized, perfect for an artistic personality.
A 4 home is grounded: solid, secure, protected. If you’re in need of a more structured, disciplined environment, a 4 home is for you. 
If your address resolves to 5, hopefully you like a good party, because this is the house the entire neighborhood flocks to when they want to have a good time: lively, vibrant, busy, crowded. 
If your address resolves to 6, you’re all about creating harmony and sacred space—you like a perfect balance of beauty and comfort, and your space carries a nurturing energy for others. 
A 7 home is all about seeking, mysticism, spirituality, and enlightenment. This is the perfect place to read, research, and restore your energy. 
If your address resolves to 8, your career might be in for a big boost. This address is perfect for driven, ambitious individuals or couples who run a business—or do anything they’re passionate about—together.
A 9 home is one where everybody is welcome: it’s a space of diversity, love, and acceptance. The door is always open here, and you never know quite who is going to walk through it—only that they’re welcome. The more the merrier.
And that’s just the beginning…
Now, if you discover your home number isn’t suited for you at all—and like most of us, you can’t move house at the drop of a hat—don’t worry, all isn’t lost. There are plenty of ways to work with your home numerology to support your goals, even if the vibration of your address doesn’t quite match up with what you’re hoping to achieve there. There are also plenty of aesthetic shifts you can make to your home: things like the arrangement of your furniture, your décor, and the colors you use to decorate with all have the power to shift the energy of your home in the direction you’d like it to go. Remember: home is where your heart is, and if you set the intention for happiness, there’s plenty you can do to achieve it. 

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