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What is Alpha Hearts? Get to Know the Woman Behind the Magic

By Krupa B - March 18, 2019

Hi there. My name is Krupalini Balasubramanya, but you can call me Krupa, and I’m the founder and CEO of Alpha Hearts, a relationship and life-event coaching service focused on supporting everyday men and women on their journey to realizing, nurturing and celebrating their authentic selves. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been especially tuned into the magic and mystery of the world and how that plays with the unique energy each person brings into their space. Our logical and analytical selves not only inform some of the core factors of our identity, but they inform our non-cognitive path as well; that is, our “gut feelings,” our intuition, our heart. These feelings in turn play a huge role in our decision-making patterns. Why is this important? Because ultimately, life is a balance between these decision-making patterns and our destiny. Commonly seen as being at odds with each other, the two are actually intertwined, guiding each other, caught up in a natural dance wherein our decisions drive our destiny and our destiny drives our decisions. The problem is, enough people don’t think of it that way. For most people, decision making happens in a tunnel: Goals and actions are planned out with little room for flexibility—But flexibility is what life is all about! Flexibility allows us to navigate change and people who can navigate change tend to be more resilient in the long run. After all, change is the only constant in the world. When you prepare to experience change, you’re less likely to feel clobbered by it.

That’s where Alpha Hearts comes in. I founded Alpha Hearts to answer one simple question: What happens when we give someone the tools to begin to honor their non-cognitive brain—the gut and the heart—in their decision making?

With my specialized coaching programs, I will walk with you along some of the same paths I too have walked in my own life. I will teach you and empower you to tune into your intuition, discover your soul’s purpose, balance your energy, heal your relationships, reach your goals, realize your dreams and create a legendary life for yourself.

I will help you discover your hidden superpower. Then, I’ll help you master it.

These revelations come from over two decades of professional research and from my own personal journey as well. Throughout my life I have started a number of businesses, experienced unplanned career and life changes, wrestled with and healed from trauma, battled and overcome depression and learned to cope with anxiety. From personal adversity, I have found the wisdom to accept who I am and the perseverance to do what I do. Now, with my services at Alpha Hearts, I offer the same to you.

From our very first session together, I’ll assess your current state of being, what issues you may be struggling with and what your desired outcome is. From there, we’ll chart an individualized plan for moving forward with your specific goals in mind. Sessions are always guided by my intuition: You can expect me to dig deep, ask questions and be curious. I am constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the information I gather from you during our sessions to ensure every moment of our time together is in alignment with our goals. Numerology is also a pillar of the work that I do, but if that’s too “woo” for you, that’s okay. I am able to adjust my approach to accommodate where you are spiritually at any given time. However, it may be worth noting that numerology is a key component of living with mind, body and soul aligned and has proven to be formative in my own life and in the lives of many of my clients as well.

Because that mystical, magical stuff? It’s all backed up by evidence.

You deserve to be living the absolute best life available to you, especially in today’s culture where we’ve been socialized from a young age to be achievement-focused rather than lesson-focused, outcome-focused rather than journey-focused. By leveraging my western education with my eastern heritage, I can redirect that focus and help you tune into your unique journey. I can bring you out of imbalance, uncertainty and purposeless, and into a life of clear direction and self-understanding, a life where you experience flow, achieve balance and rest in authentic alignment. I’ve spent my whole life preparing for this work. All it takes from you is that first step.

Won’t you join me on this journey?

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