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How to Make the Most of this Vata Season

By Krupa Balasubramanya - October 5, 2020

Earlier this year, before all the crazy that is 2020 officially went down, we went through a spring cleanse series that focused on how to adjust your body’s habits, diet and mindset to balance out the heaviness of the spring season. Now here we are, six months later, summer came and went, and a whole new season is upon us, but remember that for observers of Ayurveda this means so much more than autumn, winter, spring and summer. We’re talking the seasonal divide of the body’s elemental life forces, or doshas—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—wherein the second half of winter and early spring are defined by the heavy and grounded Kapha type, the hottest part of summer and early fall are defined by the fiery and quick-witted Pitta type, and late fall on into the first part of winter are defined by the light and air Vata type. It is this last one that we’re going to talk about today!
In the same way that the Vata type is defined by elements of dry, light, cold and rough, so Vata season features the slow cooling of the air and drying of plants and leaves, the ethereal clarity of the atmosphere as temperatures drop and the rough crunch of leaves beneath one’s feet. Other aspects of Vata include actions such as creativity, joy and communication, as well as orgasm, rebirth and increased circulation. Vata strikes a common ground with movement and activity, making all dosha types likely to enjoy a median balance between inactivity (curling up with a good book wearing the chunkiest sweater) and physical exertion (going on a brisk walk or jog through the most colorful autumn path). 
Below, we further outline some of the best ways  to make the most of this Vata season.
1.       Follow a Vata-Pacifying Diet
Avoid dry or uncooked foods as this will only serve to imbalance the already dry elements of the season. Instead, seek out warm, fresh and well-cooked foods like broccoli, root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Put a spot of honey in your warm (not hot!) tea and splurge on a few hard cheeses at your local grocery store. Now is the time for filling soups and bowls of grain, with plenty of chickpeas, black beans and seeds. We’re especially excited about this Health Vegan White Bean Quinoa Chili from The Pretty Bee.
In general, focus on sweet, sour, salty. Stay away from Bitter, astringent, pungent.  Listen to your body: Allow yourself to eat more than you normally would during the summer (your body is biologically gearing up for winter), though you should never eat to the point of discomfort.
2.       Cozy Up!
Yup. We’re talking chunk sweater, pumpkin spice latte (decaf please!), put another log on the fire levels of cozy. Earth tones and light pastels are known to calm Vata, though we understand if you want to sneak some mustard yellow or burgundy in there every now and then. If your budget allows for it, also strive to keep your home or work place properly heated and with a moderate level of humidity. 
In the colder months, it is absolutely appropriate to need wooly socks and an extra blanket on the couch, but if you find that the tips of your fingers and nose are persistently cold to the touch, even numb, then it’s time to turn that heat register up! If you’re too hot to sleep or need to break out your tanktop, you’ve gone too far!
Pro-tip: Older homes with radiators or woodstoves will tend to become especially dry in the winter months, though everyone could benefit by a high quality humidifier. Keep one in the bedroom and wherever you spend the most time, like in your home office or next to your couch.  
3.       Do Less & Do It Well
That’s right! Remember Kapha season when we suggested you rise before the sun? Have we got some good news for you: Now is the time to say “Bye bye!” to that alarm. Don’t even hit the snooze! Just turn it all off for a weekend treat. Challenge yourself to listen to your body and rise when the moment feels right. Vata-types in particular tend to push their body to the limits, often ignoring signals of mental and physical deterioration, but giving your body this seasonal break and allowing your physical needs to take the wheel is perhaps one of the best ways to capitalize on the seasonal benefits of rebirth and renewal.
Lifestyle demands not having it? Make it a point to slash one unnecessary item of anxiety off your To-Do list every day. We like to think of this as doing something for yourself by deliberately not doing something against yourself. Instead, invest in a new essential oil, treat yourself to a bubble bath, go for a walk at a place that brings you joy, slowly stretch your muscles before bed, or simply allow yourself to sit and be still and just be without the constant call of productivity hanging over your head. We promise that you’re worth it and that you’re likely to find your body and your mind to be more balanced as a result!
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