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OmTalkies Podcast: An Interview with Teal Elizabeth of Relax Into Love

By Krupa Balasubramanya - September 30, 2020

In her first episode with OmTalkies podcast, Krupa B of Alpha Hearts sits down with Teal Elizabeth, CEO and founder of Relax Into Love Coaching, and talks the nitty gritty of evolved and spiritual partnerships. In case you missed it (or in case you simply left your headphones at home), find few of the conversational highlights* below—And feel free to take a listen to the full audio when you have the chance! We have new episodes coming out every other week as we kick things off. You won’t want to miss them!

Krupa B: Hello everyone! Welcome to the OmTalkies podcast. I’m Krupa B, founder of Alpha Hearts Life Coaching. Today’s topic is Evolved and Spiritual Partnerships. I’m so excited to start off my podcast series with the one and only Teal Elizabeth.  After being single for more than eight years and going through numerous heartbreaks, Teal became determined to master this area of her life. Today, she’s been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing spiritual partnership with her fiancé for the last seven years while traveling the world as a nomadic entrepreneur. In a world that sees a shift with men and women becoming equal partners, she has helped thousands of strong and ambitious business women who struggle to create a connection within themselves and with men. 


Welcome to my podcast, Teal.


Teal Elizabeth: Thank you so much, Krupa. It’s great to be here. 


Krupa: Let’s start off by talking about how did you came to be a love and relationship coach.


Teal: I actually never thought this is what I would end up doing! I studied biology in college and thought I was going to save the sea turtles or something, but really my heart and soul were drawn to personal development work. It’s something I’d been studying for over fifteen years just as a hobby and a side project. Over time, as I was going through my own self-development and growth, I realized that it was my passion. They say “your mess is your message,” and I very much had a lot of challenges with dating and relationship when I was younger, so it became something that I was driven to figure out and master. Once I was really able to really understand this very illusive idea of love, I just knew that this was something I had to share with modern day women to help them do the same.


Krupa: So what triggered this journey for you?

Teal: It really started with me hiring a relationship coach myself and recognizing, “Wow, I really don’t have it all together. Maybe there are some things that I need to learn about myself and how I’m showing up in relationships that’s actually sabotaging me or keeping me from being able to have this are of my life fulfilled.”


Krupa: What do you feel has evolved the most within you? What is it that makes you feel like you can help others evolve and put their best foot forward in a relationship while also taking care of themselves?


Teal: We are in very new, uncharted territory as women in the modern world. We are no longer 1950’s housewives and we’re not burning our bras to gain equality. For the most part, we’ve really stepped up. Women’s empowerment has been a really beautiful, powerful presence in the modern day. But what I realized through my own experience and by observing and studying this concept for a long time, is that there is a very masculine energy to that kind of power and presence. It’s about leaning forward, proving ourselves and showing the world we don’t need anyone and can take care of ourselves, but when we bring that energy into relationships, it can really backfire. At the end of the day, if we’re a woman looking for a beautiful, chivalrous, romantic gentleman, then we don’t want to be showing up as the man in that relationship because we’re not making any space for him to be “the man.” That’s what I saw myself falling into in the past, which was such an eye-opening moment. “Wow, maybe I have been wearing the pants in my relationships and I need to figure out how to shift into more of my feminine essence so that I can restore that balance and harmony.”


Krupa: So how do you feel about spiritual relationships and growing together? What does that look like in relationships today?


Teal: That’s something I really want to drive into for the future. As a love coach talking about this concept, when I say “spiritual partnership” I’m not talking about anything religious or woo. I’m just talking about creating space and looking at relationships as an opportunity to grow within ourselves, actually having relationships be that beautiful incubator for both people to continue to evolve and grow. In my eyes, that is the meaning of life. That is why we are here on earth, to continue to grow our souls and learn through experience and learn through people so when we find our beautiful counterpart, it’s someone who can be there as a reflector and a trigger and a guide, to help you grow on your journey for the rest of your life.


Krupa: So what does the growth look like in this kind of spiritual relationship?


Teal: I think it’s going to be different for every person. First off, it’s making sure this is something you actually want for your relationship. If you can find a partner who is willing and ready and able to go on that journey of self-growth, it can be a really beautiful platform for both people to harmonize in that journey together. 


Krupa: What advice would you give to people who are going through misalignment in their relationships right now? Given our current situation with the pandemic, I’m sure being in close quarters with your spouse is sometimes wonderful and is sometimes like, “Oh my gosh, I need you out of my hair for two seconds!” What does that look like?


Teal: That part is tricky, for sure. I think it’s making sure both people are filling up their own cup. Because the last thing we want in a relationship is that codependency where we’re trying to fill the void within each other. So in moments of misalignment, it can feel like, “Oh gosh, we’re growing apart,” but if you can realize, “No, actually this is a beautiful stage for us to completely double down on our own selves and fill up our own cup,” then that’s the biggest thing to put attention our on in those moments—Trusting that just because something is pulling apart doesn’t mean that you’re growing apart, it just means that you’re moving into the newer versions of the selves that you need to be.


Krupa: Can we talk a little bit about your own background, how you struggled with your past relationships, what you have learned and how you made changes to find the love of your life?


Teal: Absolutely. I guess, like I said, I’ve always been passionate about self-development. After college I went to Tibet and studied with Buddhist monks and had a five-day silent meditation retreat where I just went in, blocked out the external world and started to really understand this whole dynamic between our mind and our heart, and I came out of that experience just having such a grounded sense of who I was. I came back to the United States and started climbing the corporate ladder. I was doing all of the right things, checking all the boxes, and being that ambitious go-getter that so many of us are, but I realized that my love life was really struggling. This went on for eight years! I called it the “hook-and-fizzle”: I’d allure men in by being this independent go-getter and then a few months into dating I would turn into this other version of myself. I would try to be cool and pretend like I didn’t care or like them—And they would dump me. It was really frustrating because I knew I had so much love in my heart to give, but for some reason I could never get a man to stick around. It took me recognizing that maybe I needed some support. In working with a coach, she was able to help me see sides of myself that I couldn’t see, how I was showing up in relationships and over-guarding my heart. Once I was able to work through those defenses, I was able to step back into this new version of me, this feminine goddess of me that I had been suppressing for so long for fear of judgment. Literally, within weeks, the man who I’d had my eye on asked me out and we started dating and now we’re engaged and traveling the world and running this beautiful company that I call “Relax into Love.”


Krupa: What about dating during the pandemic? What is the one thing you would say to women who are at home  right now, looking for a relationship or putting a relationship on hold because they can no longer openly date because of the pandemic?  How are we supposed to navigate this?


Teal: This is a crazy, crazy year. I actually did a whole podcast episode on this called Social Distancing & Dating. Basically, this is a huge blessing in disguise. First off, never before have we had the opportunity to give ourselves so much space in our life, to actually go within ourselves and reflect and think and do the work to prepare ourselves to make sure we’re really ready to be in a beautiful, healthy relationship. Many people just go through the motions by dating, dating, dating, but they never actually pause for themselves and take time to say, “Wait a second. Do I have any patterns that are showing up? Do I have any blocks that are showing up? Is there any baggage that I haven’t cleared through?” Now’s the time, girl. Secondly, just because we can’t physically be with each other and we want to limit how much exposure and physical contact we have, doesn’t mean we have to stop dating altogether. There has actually been a surge in dating sites right now with people moving online because that’s the main way to connect right now, so there are all of these amazing, eligible bachelors ready to go!


Krupa: Thank you so much, Teal. It was awesome chatting with you today. All of you should go checkout Teal’s website, Relax Into Love, and look for her coursework on Rediscovering Your Magnetic Power of Attraction,” among others. Teal, it is amazing that you are helping support women in this way.


Teal: Thank you, Krupa. And I want to mention, if any women are interested, I’ll have a free training coming up called The Three Critical Mistakes Keeping You From Love that Lasts, wherein I walk through the many, many mistakes that women make when trying to fall in love and how to move through that and avoid those traps.  At the end, I invite anyone who wants to go deeper to enroll in the full course. I highly recommend registering! 


Krupa: Thank you Teal, that’s amazing. All you women out there: Go check it out! 


* This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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