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Tantric Mantras for Beginners

By Krupa Balasubramanya - August 26, 2020

On this blog we have talked about the art of tantra and powerful meditational mantras. Today we are excited to take these one step further and introduce the unique spiritual benefits of tantric mantra. Normally used as a form of puja, or worship, tantric mantra is used specifically to heal and resolve issues in the body and soul. In fact, the history and scope tantric mantra is so wide-ranging, we can almost guarantee that there’s a tantric mantra for whatever issue you might be facing. Keep in mind that the term tantra itself specifically refers to the esoteric qualities of human connection. Therefore, when we talk about a tantric mantra we are talking about something deeply spiritual and personal in nature… as opposed to something strictly sexual. So powerful are these tantric mantras that many are even said to produce instantaneous results. With that in mind, do not be surprised if many search engine results include a warning to not practice tantric mantra unless absolutely necessary. But don’t let this stop you. At Alpha Hearts, we feel these warnings give off a “last resort” type of feel—Or make it seem as though such mantras are reserved only for the truly desperate at heart.  While sometimes true, we prefer instead to urge you not to practice a tantric mantra unless you know that you are deeply and wholly concerned with the full extent of its spiritual significance and, by extension, can be deeply and wholly prepared for the significance of its effect. 
Part of what makes tantric mantra so spiritual, so significant, is that it is specifically designed to awaken the kundalini, or the divine feminine energy (Shakti) located at the base of the spine. Powerful stuff! With this in mind, please consider this blog post in two parts: the preparation and the performative.
Preparing for Tantric Mantra
One of the reasons why practitioners of tantric mantra are advised to proceed with caution is that experiencing a kundalini awakening is no joke—Both physically and spiritually. Energy stored at the base of the spine is described as resting there like a coiled serpent. Think of releasing any content that’s been under pressure… Things are bound to get explosive, if not downright messy. This free flow of energy is said to travel up through all seven chakras of the body, leading to an expanded state of consciousness. Some yogis report feelings of euphoria, as well as a sense of love and interconnectedness with all things. Still others report feelings of depression, altered sleep and disturbance. 
In other words, while this flow of energy is relieving and beneficial to the body and soul, every person is bound to experience this relief differently, which is why we suggest you prepare for either outcome. Maybe you know you’re at a time in your work or family life where feelings of a psychotic break just aren’t an option for you right now. It may be wise to choose a date in the future when this might work for you better. We honor thoughtful planning around such deep spiritual healing, though we also urge you not to put it off for long.
In general, a spontaneous free flow of energy throughout the body is best experienced when it is just that: spontaneous. By no means should you enter this practice with the intention or purpose to invoke such a spiritual awakening upon yourself. Instead, simply focus on your practice, on chanting and posing in such a way that focuses on freeing emotional blocks, and allow the spiritual freedom to flow as a result. Literally, no pressure!
Practicing Tantric Mantra
As stated above, there are many different tantric mantras you can use for basically any ailment or issue you may be facing in your life. For this example, we’re borrowing from to bring you a powerful prayer of protection over your family and self.
Complete “mastery” of this mantra requires you to be standing naked in water. (Wait! Hear us out.) We suggest the privacy of a warm bath—But hey, if you’re feeling the more public waters of a lake or stream, then you do you! Keep in mind, you also don’t have to master anything your first time around, so you can also be sitting fully clothed on your couch or a yoga mat if that speaks to you as well. Regardless of where you reside, we strongly recommend a private place free of noise and distraction. 
Complete mastery of this mantra requires 1,000 Havans—That is, “offerings” or repetitions of the chant—but we recommend starting small. Do 100 to start and, as you come to understand the practice better, slowly work your way up to 1,000 over time.
Recite the mantra as follows:
Om visvaaya naam gandharvalochni naami
lousatikarnai tasmai vishwaya swaha ll

As you do so, bring the water up into your palms and release it back down into the water. As you do so, privately think about specific enemies or ill-wishers in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The repetition of this mantra will bring you protection from each and every one.
Excited to try a few more? There are numerous tantric resources out there for your perusal! Keep in mind what we’ve shared above and proceed with mindfulness and wonder. You can also hit us up at Alpha Hearts if you’d like an extra hand in beginning this practice. After all, spiritual wellness is no small thing—And we wish you all the luck on the journey!
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