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Ayurveda and Sexual Wellness

By Krupa Balasubramanya - June 25, 2020

For the average person, whether sexually active or no, sex and sexuality are as important and as natural as eating, breathing, moving. Numerous health studies have even linked a healthy sex life with a more robust immune system; overall improved libido (use it or lose it); a stronger pelvic floor; lower blood pressure; decreased risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and other disease; improved sleep; decreased levels of stress and more. The benefits of sex are various and plentiful! And yet, in the same way that there are risks associated with having too little of a good thing, there are risks with having too much of one as well—though not for the reasons you might think. As with all good things in Ayurveda, balance is key.
And we cannot emphasize the word balance enough. Some holistic practitioners will want to give you a list of rules to follow when it comes to sex and Ayurveda, but we say, “Where’s the fun in that?” We believe that in order for health and wellness to be achievable, it must also be simple, practical and designed with the individual in mind. That’s why our Alpha Hearts Lifework Method® also considers basic Tantric philosophy when it comes to pursuing a life of lasting health and wellness. Tantra works against all norms by retraining our toxic obsession with performance and achievement by focusing back in on the journey instead. (What use is change when there’s no joy in the changing?) 
With this in mind, we ask you to mindfully approach the following information in terms of your own personal growth and knowledge rather than as a set of rules or a list of do’s and don’ts. Keep note of where you could begin to make small adjustments to your mindset or routine and celebrate where your natural habits and rhythms already align with optimal wellness. 

Six Basic Ayurvedic Principles for a Better Sex Life

1.       Don’t Forget Your Oja
Possibly more than any other activity, sex can majorly deplete a person’s oja, or vitality. Considered one of the purest forms of energy in the human body, oja builds strength, improves immunity and is responsible for the overall well-being. Life cannot exist without oja as it is the very essence of life—And because sex is so often associated with the creation of life, it should go without saying that it takes a lot of a person’s oja in order to make it happen. It is always possible for oja to be restored, but only when there is enough time for rest and recuperation between its depletion. This may mean waiting a few days in between sessions or restricting sex to once a week. Does that sound impossible? Keep reading for more…  
2.       Know Your Dosha
As with eating, drinking and sleeping, your unique makeup of life energies, or doshas, will have a significant impact on what keeps your health in balance—Or on what throws it out of whack. For instance, a kapha-dominant constitution may be able to (or even need to) have sex more frequently without depleting the oja. This is because the kapha is naturally hot and heavy (pun intended) and is less susceptible to depletion due to constitutional density. In that same token, you can guess that a vata-dominant constitution will need to consider having sex on a much more infrequent schedule, the main reason being that their less hearty makeup is much more prone to oja depletion.
3.       Consider Your Resources
Regardless of your current state of health, sexual dysfunction is always a possibility when the whole self is on the line. Though impotence, inconsistency and lack of interest are usually associated first and foremost with a psychological block, there are still herbs and remedies that can be brought into the mix in order to boost your spirit and your drive. For instance, just two tablets of Vita Ex Gold Plus with a bit of warm milk is an Ayurveda-approved for combatting fatigue and other sexual dissatisfaction. We also encourage you to look into our private sex coaching services or other forms of counseling for your mind, body and spirit.
4.       Consult Your Calendar
Because Ayurveda follows the rhythms of nature, you may also be able to have more (or less) sex depending on the season. In winter, for instance, you may be able to have sex as much as once each day, provided you are resting and recuperating in between. This is because we tend to store an excess of energy during this time. If you ask us, we can’t think of a better way to let it go! For spring and fall, consider once every three days. For summer, maybe only once every two weeks.
5.       Check In With Yourself
If you’re feeling sick, sad, tired, hungry, thirsty, angry, stressed or generally “off,” then consider that sex may not be the best activity for you in that moment. Sex should be mutually beneficial between partners and should never build up one but harm the other. If you feel that sex might be compulsory or even psychologically damaging for you at any given moment, take a rain check and take care of yourself first. If you are not able to be present in the moment, neither will you be able to receive any pleasure from the act.
6.       Think Outside the Act
So important we saved it for last. The most solid foundation for any sexual foundation is one of trust and connection. Don’t forget that what we call “rest and recuperation” is also a great opportunity for building deeper bonds of love and connection with your partner—and with yourself! Go for a walk, hold hands, give hugs, share kind words, make space for vulnerability and truth. All of these things will result in greater intimacy and feelings of safety when you again meet up between the sheets.
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