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Ayurveda Practices for Healing and Restoring Intimacy

By Krupa B - February 11, 2020

Traditional Ayurvedic practice maintains that there are three essential pillars of life: proper digestion, proper sleep, proper sex life. When in balance, mind and body are primed for a life of health and wellness.  Yes, how you eat and how you sleep are all related to the fulfillment you experience between the sheets! Please read on to find out how…
For this you’re going to want to look back at what we learned about the body’s vital life forces—called doshas—in Ayurveda 101. Each one of us is created with a very specific bodily constitution, or prakruti, that can be optimized through what we eat, when we eat and how we eat. The Vata type, for instance, should eat warm, moist foods to balance out their cool, dry nature, the Pitta type should eat cool, sweet foods to balance out their more acidic, hot nature and the Kapha type should eat more bitter, astringent foods to balance out their moist, heavy nature. When you are living and eating within the balance of your prakruti, your digestive cycle should be symptom free. Adopting the Alpha Hearts Lifework Method® can get connected with a balanced diet specific to your unique prakruti.
Likely you already know from personal experience the necessary benefits of sleep. We speak a lot about the necessity of getting enough sleep, but did you know it can be just as detrimental to get too much? Perhaps you can recall a time you slept especially long only to find that when you woke up you felt even worse than before you went to bed. That has to do with the special balance of your doshas. Too little sleep may cause imbalance with the Vata dosha, weakening muscle tissues and increasing risk of injury. Too much sleep may cause imbalance with the Kapha dosha, leading to lethargic, stagnant muscles that are sluggish and heavy. Chronic oversleeping has even been linked to diabetes, heart disease and depression. Rather, a healthy moderate amount of sleep is one that will give muscle fibers and brain tissues enough time to rest and repair without depriving the body of vital aerobic activity. If you feel at a loss for where to begin, a common rule of thumb is to retire no later than 10 pm and to rise with the sun.
Similar to food and sleep, sex will have a balance that is based on each individual’s Vata, Pitta or Kapha-dominant prakruti. The best way to know if you are living within that balance is that your sex life should be symptom free.
What do we mean by “symptom free”? First of all, a lower than average libido could be a symptom in and of itself. If your diet and sleep patterns are off in a way that is inviting stress, anxiety or disease into your life, your sexual appetite is likely to follow suit. Be sure to be balancing all three pillars—diet, sleep and sex—in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Second of all, a sexual practice can become over-indulged or out of balance when the sexual practice is excessive, inappropriate or even dangerous. This could mean that you are engaging in sexual activity when your spirit does not want to, with someone you do not want to or in ways you do not want to. (If this resonates with you, please do not hesitate to call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 800.656.HOPE!)
Alternatively, an over-indulged or out of balance sexual practice may also occur simply when one of the other two life pillars, again, is out of whack. Per the California College of Ayurveda, “Excessive sexual activity can be depleting to vital reserves and is contra-indicated for those suffering from disease. Sexual energy, called shukra, is needed to build ojas, the energy that provides stability to the body and mind and underlies the strength of the immune system. When shukra is depleted, ojas is depleted as well. If ojas is not sufficient, the body and mind are more susceptible to disease and disharmony.”
Are you with us yet that balance is important? Here are two steps toward achieving greater sexual intimacy and/or healing with your partner or with yourself as a sexual being:
FIRST: Know your dosha. In a relationship? It’s definitely helpful to find out your partner’s dosha as well.
SECOND: Know your dosha sexual profile.
• Vata lovers tend to be romantic, creative and generous in the bedroom; however, they also have characteristically low sex drives—But try to think of this as a “less is more” type situation. Although Vata-types may initially come across as cold or disinterested in sexual situations, really they long for deeper and more intimate sexual encounters that express their true love, fidelity and commitment to their sexual partners.

• Pitta lovers are fiery, ambitious and passionate in the bedroom, with a voracious sexual appetite and plentiful energy reserves. Don’t get too excited, though: Their eager nature can oftentimes verge on selfishness or even competitiveness. A Pitta-type may become out of balance if they consistently seek intense, spontaneous encounters that put themselves or their partners at physical and emotional risk. Instead, a Pitta-type can be mindful to seek calming, compassionate activities after sex. (Don’t underestimate the power of a good cuddle.)
• Kapha lovers are known for being deeply sensual in their lovemaking, as well as nurturing and hardworking. You can be sure that a Kapha-type will put in the time, effort and commitment to satisfy their partner and sustain a happy relationship. The downside to this is that Kapha-types may also be clingy or possessive in their behaviors. To counteract these “heavy” behaviors, Kapha-types should prioritize “light” activities outside the bedroom such as exercise and yoga. Although it may take more time to get a Kapha-type aroused and ready to go, you can be sure once they are they will not disappoint.
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