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Duality Is The Reality!

By Krupa B - December 3, 2019

There is no single path to healing the human mind, body, and soul. At the doctor’s office, you treat symptoms. In the therapist’s office, you treat underlying causes. With your nutritionist, you create the foundation for making healthy choices in your future. At your chosen place of worship, you try to grasp at what it all really means. But the job of integrating everything that you learn is left up to you. And sometimes those connections—and the dualities inherent in a comprehensive view of body-mind-soul health—aren’t so easy to understand, or to even spot in the first place.

At Alpha Hearts, we celebrate duality—in particular, the duality of integrating science-backed healing techniques with spiritual practices, in order to promote a holistic understanding of optimal health. For centuries, the separation between science and spirituality, between medicine and faith—and, in fact, between the “body” and “mind” and “soul” themselves—has only grown greater. But in reality, it is only through a blend of Western medicine and Eastern philosophies and practices (aka: through science and spirituality) that the human body, mind, and soul can arrive at a place of wholeness and health.

There’s also a duality to incorporating both psychotherapy techniques and spiritual healing into the Alpha Hearts life coaching practices. In therapy, the primary focus is on the past: uncovering past wounds and traumas to understand the underlying causes for less-than-optimal health—and in this case, “health” almost always refers specifically to “mental health” isolated from the health of the body and soul. Psychotherapy explores the way you have been shaped by your experiences—the nurturing (or lack thereof) that has influenced and informed the person you are in the world today.

Spiritual healing, in comparison, offers a framework for understanding the experiences of your life—both positive and negative—within the larger context of all being. It assumes that your soul has a purpose and a set of lessons to learn in this lifetime; that the experiences that happen to you and for you are neither positive or negative, but are simply a series of stepping stones on your way to your greater purpose. Spirituality is about just “letting it be” and is used to illuminate your essential nature—your true self—that has often be buried beneath the influences of your past experiences.

By integrating the psychotherapeutic with the spiritual, Alpha Hearts life coaching offers a forward-focus towards transforming your health and life. It asks that you accept the events of your past as necessary to arriving you at the place you are today, while centering around goal-focused positive changes you can make in your present life, in order to not only achieve optimal health, but to facilitate the necessary growth of your soul. But that duality—where the scientific intersects and overlaps with the spiritual—is key.

By utilizing spiritual practices to discern your true nature, and then exploring the various beliefs and behaviors that have been “nurtured” in the person you are today, you are able to start to uncover and better understand the imbalances—between your “nature” and your “nurture”—that are creating barriers to your optimal health and wellbeing. Through not only accepting, but celebrating the power of duality—you will begin to live your most legendary life.

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