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Numerology 101: How Numbers Hold the Key to Your Destiny

By Krupa B - December 17, 2019

To put it simply, numerology is the study of the numbers in our lives. But not just any numbers. We are not really talking about your phone number or your social security number or your house number here. (Though these are still important and will inevitably be of some numerological value simply by existing.) We are talking about a broader system of numbers that guide and direct a person’s life because they are built into the foundations of the universe. Numerology assumes that the universe was built on various numerical patterns and that by breaking these elements down into their simplest form—that is, single digit numbers—we can discover new information about our life purpose and potential. Similar to Ayurveda, numerology maintains that everything in the universe is connected and exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else. Common misconceptions may suggest that numerology is about fortune-telling or trying to predict the future, but true numerologists know this is less about crystal-ball gazing and more about uncovering an individual’s character and strengths (as well as challenges) and discerning the next best goal or action based on the clues and revelations found in their specific life numbers. It is not just a science, but a divine and healing art-form as well—and one that dates back multiple millennia. So, supernatural divination? Yes. Hokey pseudoscience? No. As you begin your numerology journey, it will be important that you choose to do so alongside someone who knows the difference. Hopefully an experienced numerologist, well versed in the various numerology charts and number profiles.

Though there are many, many numbers that can be calculated and studied in a person’s life, there are three that can be considered to convey the most significance. These are:

Your Destiny (Life Path) Number

This is the numerological practice that Alpha Hearts works with most frequently, both with our clients and in our own lives. Your destiny number speaks into the way you are viewed by the world and is influenced by your samskara—or vibrational patterns of past lives (aka karma). It is often deemed the most important number of the numerology chart in that it describes not only what a person was born to be and the innate talents and abilities they possess, but also who and what they must strive to become. It is calculated by breaking down the complete date, month and year of birth into a simple whole number. So if you were born on the 07/12/1985, your destiny number would be 6. Because 7+1+2+1+9+8+5=33. And then 3+3=6. Are you tracking with me? If not, that’s OK. There are many life path calculators online that can quickly do the math for you and explain the results; however, keep in mind that any calculations or explanations you may find for your specific numerology chart will likely only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of what numerical answers the universe has in store for you. Only an experienced numerologist can explain to you the full range of possibilities.

Your Psychic (Birth) Number

Your psychic number speaks into the way that you view yourself and remains active throughout your entire life. This number can never change and will have a profound impact on your choice of friends, your ambitions, your sex and your tastes. (No pressure!) It is calculated by breaking down your complete date of birth into a simple whole number. So if you were born on the 12 th day of the month, your psychic number is 3 because 1+2=3. One cool thing to consider: It matters when you entered the universe! Your very birth made an impact on the universe, which in turn made an impact on your destiny.

Your Name Number

Your name number is determined by the name you are given and may change from moment to moment based on the name you are known by in different circles or when you legally change your name. (What’s in a name? Turns out, quite a bit.) Whereas any birth number defines set personality characteristics from birth, name numerology deals specifically with areas of personal development. It is calculated by using a conversion chart specific to the language or culture of origin. For our purposes, we will reference the Pythagorean Conversion Chart—Yes, devised by the ancient Greek mathematician and numerologist Pythagoras—Which uses the Latin alphabet. So take Jane Doe, for instance. Her name number is 9. Because 1+1+5+5+4+6+5=27. And then 2+7=9. Similar to birth numbers, you can find preliminary readings of your name number meaning online.






































As stated above, numerology cannot give you specific information about your future (it’s not going to tell you to become a neurosurgeon in Toledo, Ohio, for example), but it can help you to predict what you’ll be good at, who and what you’ll be naturally drawn to, the places and professions you’ll be mostly likely to succeed in, who will make an ideal life partner, how best to communicate with others, and how to live your most authentic life. By helping you to understand your inherent characteristics, strengths, preferences, compatibilities and challenges, numerology can help you to make better informed decisions in bridging the gap between who you are and who you have the potential to be, what life path you’re on and what life path your soul was made to be on. It can explain who and what you’re drawn to and help you move away from what isn’t in line with your most authentic self. Think of this as a spiritual blueprint for your life, a system of elements and energies that are likely to be active and influential for the whole of your life.

Once you begin your numerological journey, you will be shocked by the accuracy and intricacy with which you find these numbers speak into your life. Because when you understand the universe, you begin to understand yourself. And when you understand yourself, you hold the key to some of the most wonderful, magical mysteries of the world. You are open to a literally infinite space of divine purpose and possibilities.

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